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Our BI Reporting and Pricing Solutions offer extensive out-of-the-box features and can be easily customized with an extensive library of KPI’s and dashboards to simplify reporting, management and budget tracking to maximize profitability.

Our Chatbot permits secure access to reporting dashboards and system updates on any device at any time. Seamlessly integrate our Chatbot using out-of-the-box capabilities or customize based on your firm’s specific needs.

At Helm360, our primary focus is helping law firms achieve maximum success with strategic planning, implementation, process reengineering, and customization of their financial and operational systems per their specific requirements.

Compass covers all aspects of day-to-day maintenance and customization support for your key systems such as: Elite 3E, Enterprise, ProLaw, MatterSphere, 3E Design Gallery, and IntApp.



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“Our compensation plan is complex. We were running approximately 6 or 7 reports per attorney each quarter to determine compensation and sifting through the numbers on those reports to find what we needed. In addition, to give visibility to attorneys on a weekly basis on their key indicators, we were generating more reports for their weekly scorecards. When we implemented Terminus Pro, it cut down the reporting time significantly. Terminus Pro takes out the possibility of human error. The analyst who helped us took the time to understand our complex compensation plan and worked closely with our accounting department to ensure we were getting exactly what we needed. Time, accuracy and instant visibility as to the numbers are the benefits we’ve experienced as a result of implementing Terminus Pro.”

“The implementation of Terminus Pro by the Helm360 team was both simple and fast. They were incredibly responsive to our specific needs and delivered the solution on time.”

Helm360 had the right skills and experience to help us validate our Elite 3E implementation. As well as producing a large number of detailed test cases, they were also a key advisor and helped ensure that our setup & customization decisions would lead to a smooth transition from Elite Enterprise to Elite 3E.”