Meet the Team

Raminder Singh

Raminder Singh is CCS Global Tech’s CEO and founder. His innate ability to conceptualize and build lucrative business models has propelled CCS Global Tech from a one-man enterprise (1997) to a multi-million dollar corporation with offices on numerous continents. His insight into the IT industry and his commitment to its community is reflected in CCS Global Tech’s business services, education opportunities, and career-building programs, making it a unique one-stop shop for businesses looking to improve processes and personnel.

Bim Dave

Bim Dave leads our legal tech company, Helm360, which is based in the United Kingdom (UK). With nearly 20 years’ experience of delivering solutions to the legal industry, his keen understanding of how law firms and lawyers use technology has propelled Helm360 to the industry’s forefront. A technical expert with a penchant for developing solutions that improve business systems and user experience, Bim has a knack for bringing high quality technical architects and developers together to create innovative, useable solutions to the legal arena.

Jasbir Walsh

Jasbir Walsh is our People Success Global Head. Based in our San Diego headquarters, she uses her extensive human resources acumen to lead our global HR efforts. She has a well-rounded background in technical recruiting, employee relations, workforce management, immigration, mobility/relocation, and policy development at the global level, which allows us to expand our company’s footprint and hire experts from around the world. She’s received numerous achievement awards recognizing her contributions and success at developing effective HR services.

Christine Tulish

Christine Tulish is our Human Resources Business Partner in the United States. She draws on 15+ years of human resource experience to help our team members grow and develop their careers while also supporting the organization’s mission and goals. Through her skill and know-how, we continue to attract and retain high quality IT professionals, foster a culture of transparency, and provide an inclusive, empowering environment.

Hitesh Jain

Hitesh Jain is a highly skilled finance professional with international qualifications and experience. He specializes in the global and education IT development sectors. His expertise includes onshore-offshore business models, business management consulting, and all aspects of business finance. His keen attention to detail and ability to see the big picture make him an effective problem-solver for projects of any level.

Joe Arakkal

Joe Arakkal is the Senior Director of our Government Division. He’s an experienced data analytics professional whose background includes leading data portfolios and other technical projects for large, global organizations, including banks and eCommerce. He specializes in managing large (300+) front-line technical teams and delivery organizations. He has worked in a variety of roles including business consulting, solution architecture and project management.

Arti Sharma

Arti Sharma is our Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation. With 20+ years working on initiatives in digital innovation, she’s skilled at helping organizations most effectively use data-driven marketing and communication strategies to engage with clients and customers. She’s a creative problem-solver who uses her interdisciplinary experience and cultural fluency to build community and promote education via technology and design. Her commitment to collaboration, learning and evolving helps us remain community-minded, relevant and cutting-edge.

Aanchal Mishra

Aanchal Mishra is the People Success Mentor (Human Resources Manager) in our Noida, India location. She uses her extensive HR background to establish effective communication channels, query resolution protocols, and policy compliance procedures. Her ability to connect and empathize with others not only contributes to her innovative problem-solving capabilities, but also allows her to successfully mentor, coach and advise all levels of our team.

Hafeez Syed

Hafeez Syed is a Solutions Architect specializing in our ProLaw products. A highly skilled IT developer with four Microsoft certifications and a project management certification, he’s known for his future-thinking, big picture IT solutions. His expertise in technical architecture, management and strategy coupled with his ability to respond to customer feedback and business needs makes him a powerhouse when it comes to developing and improving our legal-facing product and services.

Skye Goodrich

Skye Goodrich is the Consulting Director for Helm360. Recognized as an industry expert in data conversions, she focuses on building a strong cadre of legal IT consultants, services, and products as well as supplying focused management and support to our North American clients. Her multi-industry background makes her an adept problem-solver and an expert at building effective teams and collaborative environments.

Kajal Shelat

Kajal is a Business Development Manager who works with CCS Learning Academy. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has 10+ years of experience in the education and professional training sector. She specializes in developing sustainable partnerships and implementing technology training solutions for private and public entities. Her passion for education and business keeps our programs current, engaging, and relevant to today’s professionals.