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CCS Global Tech’s Government Division: Celebrating Recent Wins

Recent wins by CCS Global Tech’s Government division reveal that there is more to IT consulting than meets the eye.

CCS Global Tech on Navigating COVID-19

With the help of the CCS Management Team, Raminder has kept CCS Global Tech and its divisions on an even keel and moving forward despite all the hurdles the coronavirus has presented. Here’s a look at what Raminder faced, how he navigated the circumstances, and the takeaways that all of us can use going forward.

Healthcare, IT, and COVID: Oh My!

The ability to understand data, extract relevant information and insights, and present those data in a useful format is essential to weathering this storm. Programs like Power BI and Tableau are designed for this work. However, these programs are simply tools. What counts is who uses them.

CCS Global Tech’s First Annual Avocado Day

A Fun-Filled Success! Creamy, buttery, and gorgeously green, avocados are a major California crop; 90% of the U.S. crop comes from California. 40% of California’s avocados come from […]